I'm James and this is my other half Carly and we've managed to create a lifestyle that means we only work about 5 months a year and travel the rest. And no, we're not bankers or anything like that, earning silly money for those 5 months (we're Tour Leaders), we've just realised that with the right lifestyle changes it's actually cheaper to travel than it is to live in the UK. 


After years of pestering by friends and family I have decided to put together a website to share all my secrets to living more and working less. Amongst these pages are the life lessons I have learnt and some hints and tips to help you get out and throw down the adventure of a lifetime, whilst helping you avoid making some of the mistakes I made. 



Over the last eight years of travel I started to notice a pattern; the further I traveled and the less I had in my pocket the richer and more life affirming my experiences became. Now I actually prefer to have low budget ($5-$15 a day) adventures because the best experiences in life seem to come through struggle and hardship and as they say, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’.


I hope to prove through this website that you don't need a ton of money to travel, all you really need is a stupid idea, a bit of effort and some time. My various Adventure Planning Guides will hopefully show you how easy and how little you really need to have an adventure of a lifetime.


But if you're more into living vicariously than adventure seeking yourself, then have a flick through My Adventures for some photo essays from years of traveling on a shoestring. There will be weekly updates from the last 10 years on the road; documenting road trips, hitchhiking trips, and what seems like a million other bad ideas that turned out to be yet another best thing ever.


“You don’t have to be rich to travel well" - Eugene Fodor